JORIS TEEPE Quintet: For Adults Only

Catalog# 7710212

UPC# 782737102126

Joris Teepe: Bass;

Chris Potter: Soprano sax, alto sax, and tenor sax;

Don Braden: Soprano sax and tenor sax;

David Hazeltine: Piano;

Bruce Cox: Drums


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“Bassist Joris Teepe… presents his dual saxophone based, modern mainstream jazz quintet live at the after hours basement club Smalls in NYC…this band of new young lions, present a thrill-a-minute, fully realized program of enjoyable, swinging music. Starting with a “Killer Joe” walking bassline, Teepe and friends have conjured a witty new arrangement on the classic Billy Strayhorn ballad “Chelsea Bridge”, stepping up the tempo considerably and adding clever stop-start, drum cues stacatto accents to the melody. The musical and sonic balance produced by this band is palpable and at times remarkable.” – Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide

Enjoy bassist/composer Joris Teepe, along with featured front men Chris Potter and Don Braden, live from Smalls Jazz club, on this impressive Postcards Records recording entitled “Joris Teepe: For Adults Only”. Born in the Netherlands, the bassist has helped buoy countless rhythm sections, playing with a veritable Who’s Who of Jazz artists including Randy Brecker, Slide Hampton, Benny Golson, and Mike Stern. From re-arranged Dutch folk songs and Jazz interpretations of Paul Simon to original compositions and the opuses of renowned Jazz legends Billy Strayhorn and Freddie Hubbard, Joris Teepe showcases his singular creativity, richly melodic playing style, and the brilliance of his compositional imagination that provokes and expands the definition of Jazz.

The Dutch bassist’s tunes are peppered with arrangements inside arrangements. Always swinging, he and his cohorts squeeze memorable episodes out of open blowing sections. It’s a wise tack, reminding that cues keep players and listeners on their toes.” – The Village Voice

With the help of Chris Potter and Don Braden, some of the most captivating saxophone soloists in Jazz and an impressive rhythm section that includes pianist David Hazeltine and drummer Bruce Cox, Joris Teepe presents a fascinating and impressive night of music that sparkles with a warmth even long-time aficionados will find astonishing, and proves himself to be one of today’s brightest talents. This CD from the Postcards Records label, “Joris Teepe: For Adults Only”, not only captures for posterity the alchemy produced by Teepe and his renowned cohorts on that special evening, but announces and documents Joris Teepe into the upper echelon of Jazz.

Recorded live at Small’s in NYC, (For Adults Only) features a band which is able to flesh out ideas within the leader’s framework with unflinching bravura... Over thirty years ago Elvin Jones had a group featuring two sax players up front – Dave Liebman and Steve Grossman. Teepe has chosen Don Braden and Chris Potter, and they are just as exciting… The standout is Chris Potter. On the title track he follows an energized set of choruses by Braden by bringing it to another level… He sees markers and signposts coming up, and he drops musical flares at just the right moment. He single-handedly transforms a series of chord changes into an explosive landscape of rhythm and harmony. Is there a better tenor sax player out there right now?” – Charles Winokoor, Cadence

Song Selection:

1. Chelsea Bridge (Billy Strayhorn) 6:20
2. Introduction
3. Five Bears (Joris Teepe) 4:37
4. Second Avenue Story (Joris Teepe) 10:16
5. I Do It For Your Love (Paul Simon) 6:12
6. Introduction
7. Blues for Claudia (Joris Teepe) 8:05
8. Brother Braden (Joris Teepe) 5:48
9. For Adults Only (Joris Teepe) 8:46
10. You Don’t Know What Love Is (Gene DePaul/Don Raye) 6:08
11. Up Jumped Spring (Freddie Hubbard) 7:58

Joris Teepe: Bass
Chris Potter: Soprano sax, alto sax, and tenor sax
Don Braden: Soprano sax and tenor sax
David Hazeltine: Piano
Bruce Cox: Drums

Produced by: Bob Karcy and Joris Teepe
Total Time: Approx 67 minutes

What the Critics Say:

Teepe, one of the top jazz bassists on the scene today, plays with the fired up freedom that rhythm specialists enjoy when they’re in the pocket. This Postcards debut features five original works penned by Joris Teepe that spotlight his great pizzicato chops and the finest saxophones on the free jazz scene.” – Paula Edelstein, Jazz USA ‘Zine

“Teepe (b) adds two excellent sax players in Chris Potter and Don Braden. The band, a quintet, is tight. The title suggests listeners must be mature enough to handle this level of jazz. The content meets the billing; these guys are jamming!” – D. Oscar Groomes, O’s Place

“From the stage at Smalls, two horns march in clipped elegance, giving a swing to “Chelsea Bridge”. Chris Potter starts with a charming grunt; the intensity builds and he ends with a Trane whistle. There are block chords from David Hazeltine, and it’s anchored to Joris Teepe’s mighty walk. Two sopranos waltz on “Five Bears”; the solo is Don Braden’s, and he warbles, like a clarinet with bite. That tune is a sunset, while “Second Avenue” is downtown at rush hour… They chase each other deliriously, rebounding the phrases with glee…no doubt, this street is jumping… “Claudia” is a different kind of trio: Joris turns forceful… Potter whispers, with sly breathy tone; wait for Braden, whose tenor flies in dizzying circles… This is a joyous display, and anyone can enjoy it.” – John Barrett,

His solid, sophisticated background is bolstered by first-rate jazz experience, enabling him to achieve a vivid blend of his musical intelligence and native creative talents.” – Dr. Herb Wong

The most refreshing jazz composer at this moment.” – The Ticket, Belgium

You’ll be very surprised at what Teepe does to a familiar jazz tune. His imaginative arrangements are a rewarding listening experience.” – Cadence Magazine

…a spirited set of up-to-the-minute New York jazz…Teepe’s original compositions range from the tender “Five Bears”, based on a Dutch folk tune, to the hard-bop attack of the title track… The stellar saxophones of Potter and Braden square off energetically on “Second Avenue Story”, an expansive Coltrane-esque number, and again on “Blues for Claudia”, a trio performance propelled by the leader’s lyrical bass. There is wonderful improvisatory work from all the band members throughout the 70-minute session, with the interplay between the two saxophonists worthy of special mention…a memorable evening of jazz from five of the better young musicians around.” – Joel Roberts,

“…”For Adults Only”, a serious hard bop anthem, drives the listener through a strenuous tenor battle by the quintet’s two-saxophone front line. It’s a unique sound, and the propulsion from this rhythm section makes it work…It’s music to appreciate, to feel, to absorb; for adults only…The session…includes crisp, clear piano solos that swing, and a highly motivated ensemble that interacts fluidly. Highly recommended, this is modern mainstream from the hard bop tradition… Joris Teepe is helping Postcards provide music for today and for tomorrow.” – Jim Santella,

“With “For Adults Only”, Dutch bassist Joris Teepe adds to the steady flow of strong live albums being recorded at Smalls in New York. Enlisting David Hazeltine on piano, Bruce Cox on drums, and a killer frontline in Don Braden and Chris Potter, Teepe offers a batch of originals and standards with some provocative twists… Teepe’s originals are varied and well crafted for this band.” – David R. Adler,

“…Teepe’s artistry, deserving of wider notice, is evident on his 11-tune third recording as leader… 70-minute powerhouse of interactive creativity… With its dueling saxes, the fiery hard-bop title track and a like-minded grand finale on the Freddie Hubbard classic “Up Jumped Spring” are standout quintet numbers… a trio version of the ballad standard “You Don’t Know What Love Is” showcases the bassist’s stirring lyricism. This CD is the first new Postcards jazz release since Arkadia acquired the label in June 1999 and it’s a keeper.” – Nancy Ann Lee, JazzTimes

“…The title of the album is For Adults Only, but the music is for ears of all ages – no need for a “warning” label on this exciting jazz album!” – Bob Morello, Post-Gazette

The sheer joy of saxophonists Don Braden and Chris Potter going head to head on tenors…is more than you could hope for by just walking into a club on a random New York City evening. But that’s exactly the treat you would have had at Smalls, when the Joris Teepe Quintet was holding forth for a two-night run, now documented by For Adults Only, new from the revived Postcards label… It sure sounds like the band was having a swell time making this one, and their enthusiasm translates well to disc. Look for it.” – Stuart Kremsky, IAJRC Journal

About Joris Teepe:

Bassist Joris Teepe is the first jazz musician from The Netherlands to be able to make it in New York.

Awarded a master’s degree in music from the prestigious Amsterdam School for the Arts, Joris arrived in New York in 1992 with just his bass and a suitcase. He took lessons with Ron Carter, quickly met many musicians and started to work regularly. A year later he recorded his first CD, with a band co-led by Don Braden and featuring Cyrus Chestnut, Carl Allen and Tom Harrell.

From that point everything really took off for Joris and he became a bassist in great demand. He has been working with the “who-is-who in Jazz”, such as Benny Golson, Sonny Fortune, Rashied Ali, Billy Hart and Randy Brecker. Coming from a bebop background, it was being a member of the Rashied Ali Quintet for 9 years what really changed his vision on music. “When I joined the group we first had Frank Lowe on saxophone (later replaced by Lawrence Clark) and I had no idea what they where doing”.

Currently Joris has recorded 10 albums as a leader, including the highly acclaimed Postcards Records album, For Adults Only. He also established himself as a composer, record producer (many different labels and artists), educator (director of Jazz Studies at the Hanze University, Bass Professor at Queens College, NY) and bandleader.

The bassist has helped buoy countless rhythm sections for a veritable who’s who of jazz artists, including Randy Brecker, Slide Hampton, Renee Rosnes, the Harper Brothers and Candy Dulfer. In 2004 Joris Teepe has been nominated for the Bird Award at the North Sea Jazz Festival i0n the category “Artist deserving wider recognition”.

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