PE DE BOI: Power Samba Band

Catalog# 71321

UPC# 602267132120

Gabriela Anders:Vocals; Guilherme Franco: Drums, percussion;

Joe Ford: Alto, soprano sax; Booker T: Tenor sax;

Jorge Dalto: Piano; Clifton Anderson: Trombone;

David Kikoski: Piano; Lincoln Goines: Bass;

Duduka da Fonseca: Percussion; Cyro Baptista: Percussion;

Steve Kroon: Percussion;


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…every bit as electric as the best Cuban salsa… pour a rum and coke, and dance your little fanny off.” – Jim Trageser, American Reporter Correspondent

The pulsating rhythms of Pe De Boi, captured on the Arkadia Records album “Pe De Boi: Power Samba Band”, have electrified the New York club scene since the 1980s. Born of the rich Brazilian musical tradition and inflected with elements of American Jazz, Rock and Salsa, the songs on this album feature as many as ten different renowned percussionists, including Cyro Baptista, Duduka da Fonseca, Steve Kroon, and Marcos Sapel.

“Tasty work that starts out in Brazil but has traveled all across the landscape since forming… packs a real punch.” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap

Band founder and leader Guilherme Franco, a native of Brazil, named his group for a Brazilian slang term whose literal translation is “foot of an ox”, but whose real colloquial meaning is “a musician with a great sense of rhythm”. One of the most-in-demand Latin and World music percussionists, Guilherme Franco and has worked with McCoy Tyner, Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, Don Pullen, Woody Shaw, and Lee Konitz, among many others. Franco is also the creator of the Jazz/Bossa Nova group NOVA BOSSA NOVA, also on Arkadia Records.

The unique sound, intricate rhythms and contagious high spirits of Pe De Boi have been turning on audiences and making people dance, move, and groove from the very first beat of the music. With this Arkadia Records release, entitled “Pe De Boi: Power Samba Band”, the group, featuring the alluring vocals of Gabriela Anders, and accompanied by all-star musicians from around the word, proves that with the Power Samba and Jazz of Pe De Boi… it’s Carnival all year long!

…there is some wonderful material on this CD. The rhythm section in particular is excellent, populated with instruments like the earth-shaking surdo and the cuica, which sounds something like a monkey making its own parade. It’s worth mentioning that the cuiceiro on this record is one of the best I’ve heard. Percussion fans will want to skip to track 9, “Drums Evolution”, which is essentially a batucada (percussion jam) track. Here, the Power Samba band lives up to its name – as fast and unerring as the “Foot of the Bull” from which their name is derived.” – Jake Pegg,

Song Selection:

1. Essa Nega Guilherme Franco 3:08
2. Zazueira Jorge Ben 5:30
3. Reza Forte Guilherme Franco/Mestre Andre 3:53
4. Samba Summer Guilherme Franco/Michelle Zangara 3:55
5. Pabaruba Guilherme Franco 6:00
6. Capoeira Dirceu Mederios/Michelle Zangara 6:23
7. Sequence Part I Saheb Sarbib/Guilherme Franco 4:50
8. Sequence Part II Saheb Sarbib/Guilherme Franco 5:58
9. Drums Evolution Guilherme Franco/Marcio Sapel 4:30
10. Amazonia Jungle Guilherme Franco/Marcio Sapel 2:15

Guilherme Franco: Drums, percussion
Joe Ford: Alto, soprano sax
Booker T: Tenor sax
Jorge Dalto: Piano
Clifton Anderson: Trombone
David Kikoski: Piano
Lincoln Goines: Bass
Duduka da Fonseca: Percussion
Cyro Baptista: Percussion
Steve Kroon: Percussion
Gabriela Anders: Vocals

Marcio Sapel: Percussion
John Whitecage: Alto sax
David Pate: Tenor sax
Saheb Sarbib: Piano
Kenny Mazur: Guitar
Claudio Celso: Guitar
Alberto Beserra: Bass
Dennis Spantman: Bass
Ricardo Torres: Percussion
Manuel Monteiro: Percussion
Fernando Assis: Percussion
Clancio Morales: Percussion
Paula Potocki: Percussion
Lenny King: Percussion, flute
Fred Diaz: Percussion
Steve Thornton: Percussion
Ame Franco: Percussion

Total Time: 44:51 minutes

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