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For over 40 years, V.I.E.W. Video has been committed to producing and releasing only the finest in exclusive home video entertainment. Our award-winning jazz/pop music titles include many Grammy Award Winning artists from around the world.Our music concerts documentaries, and nostalgic music programs cover the full spectrum of Jazz and Pop music. Whether it is Blues or Bebop, classic Big Band or Contemporary Fusion, World Music or American Cabaret, you will find some old favorites and discover new ones.

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With DVDs in Hi Definition and 5.1 Surround Sound, VIEW Video focuses on the full spectrum of Jazz and World music. As Seen on TV (on many networks: PBS & BET, BBC, CBC and others), VIEW Video strives to provide the utmost value to our customers, featuring the foremost technological advances including a variety of DVD Bonus Features, such as 5.1 DolbyDigital Surround Sound, video concert performances, Interviews, Bonus Audio Tracks, Biographies and more, tailored to each individual title. Some DVDs contain a separate audio CD soundtrack, often included as part of the DVD package.

V.I.E.W. Video was founded by Bob Karcy in the early 1980s. V.I.E.W. Video has grown to become the premiere Home Video label in the areas of Jazz and Performing Arts programs. With a catalog of over 200 titles, V.I.E.W has received more than 150 prestigious international awards.

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What the Critics Say About Arkadia Jazz and Arkadia DVD

“someone’s doing something right at Arkadia Jazz.” – Billboard Magazine

“Arkadia Jazz – one of the hippest and most uncompromising labels on today’s scene.” – Bob Young, Boston Herald

“…good jazz the way it’s meant to be.” – Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz

“..zesty, delightful, inventive-yet-accessible recordings..” – Al Lubrejewski, JazzErie Notes

“Producers at Arkadia have done their homework with first-rate mixing, clever graphics and thoughtful liner note segments.” – Nick Catalano, Chelsea Clinton News