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Maurice Chevalier – vocals

Accompanied by Marcel Cariven Orchestra, Jo Bouillon, Roger Desormieres, Marcel Pagnoul, Jacques Helian

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The music of French singer, dancer, and showman Maurice Chevalier is immortalized in this classic Arkadia Chansons album, Maurice Chevalier: Valentine. Chevalier’s inimitable style leaves its mark on every one of the performances in this classic collection of his signature songs.00067 Maurice Chevalier holding arm hat to audience GOOD

Born in France, Maurice Auguste Chevalier (1888 – 1972) humbly began his career performing in the theaters of suburban slums and second-rate resorts. He was imprisoned as a POW in World War I. When he was released, he moved to Paris where he paired up with vaudeville star Mistinguett at the Follies Bergere. Their act soon became a renowned success, propelling Chevalier into a celebrity in France and the cabaret community. Adored by the public, he began acting in Hollywood films such as Silence is Golden and more famously Gigi in the 1950s with Leslie Caron. Chevalier used an intentionally thick French accent, teasingly insinuating songs, and his suave, sophisticated demeanor to captivate international audiences, transforming him into an iconoclastic symbol of French culture and society in the 1930s.

“4 Stars – Maurice Chevalier wasn’t simply a cabaret singer; he was also a first-class entertainer, and someone who took great pride in being a showman. Like Edith Piaf, he was among the     most famous French singers of the 20th century, but that’s where the similarity ends. In contrast to Piaf’s many deeply introspective and emotionally intense performances, Chevalier favored fun, happy entertainment. Spanning 1928-1942, Valentine boasts many of the essential recordings he was famous for. Chevalier’s charm and charisma are hard to miss on such exuberant classics as “Paris Sera Toujours Paris,” “Fleur De Paris” and “Donnez-moi La Main, Mama’Zelle” (not to mention “La Choupetta” and the title song). While Piaf’s singing could bring tears to your eyes, Chevalier knew how to inspire laughter. Even if you don’t speak a single word of French, it will be obvious that Valentine is a collection that is defined by good spirits.” – Alex Henderson – AllMusic Review

Seldom seen without his signature tuxedo and hats, Chevalier’s playful sarcasm, magnificent voice, and intoxicated stage presence made him a natural on stage and in films. With this digitally remastered 18-song album, Maurice Chevalier: Valentine, a collections of some his most important songs, the genius of Chevalier is captured forever, and serves as indispensable proof why in the dictionary, under the word debonair, appears the name and face of Maurice Chevalier.

 1. Valentine
2. Quand un Vicomte
3. Prosper, yop la boum!
4. Donnez-moi la main, mam’zelle
5. Ma pomme
6. Le chapeau de Zozo
7. Ah! Si vous connaissiez ma poule
8. Un p’tit air
9. Appelez ça comme vous voulez
10. Ça fait d’excellents français
11. Paris sera toujours Paris
12. Ça s’est passé un dimanche
13. Dites-moi ma mère
14. La Choupetta
15. Ça sent si bon la France
16. La chanson du maçon
17. Marche de Menilmontant
18. Fleur de Paris
Maurice Chevalier – voice

Accompanied by
The Marcel Cariven Orchestra

Tracks: 2,3,4 – Jo Bouillon
5,6 – Roger Desormieres
14 – Marcel Pagnoul 
18 – Jacques Helian


Total time: 53 minutes

The entire album has been digitally remastered.


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