T.K. BLUE: The Tide of Love

Catalog # 70354

UPC # 602267035421

T.K. Blue: alto sax and alto flute, arranger, leader,

Stefon Harris: vibraphone, marimba; James Weidman: piano;

Gavin Fallow: bass; Lenny Robinson: drums; Ron Jackson: guitar;


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“a striking album…an album of creativity, originality,
and emotional impact in this eleven-track outing.” – Pierre Giroux, allaboutjazz.com – (December 15, 2023)

“In every context, T.K. Blue asserts himself as one of the brightest talents in jazz today.” – Geoffrey Hines, The Washington Post

T.K. Blue, the highly esteemed alto saxophonist and flautist, creates a remarkable album of melodic romantic music. His passionate artistry spans the world of Jazz standards, R&B, Jobim bossa nova classics, and his own original compositions, creating a hypnotic and memorable music experience. The superb musicians, featuring Grammy nominated (No. 1 Downbeat Poll Winner) vibraphonist Stefon Harris, and pianist James Weidman deliver virtuosic performances.

“Saxophonist / Flutist / Composer T.K. Blue’s musical exploits, on the bandstand and in the recording studio, shout and scream ‘artist deserving wider recognition’.” – Willard Jenkins

“T.K. Blue is an artist who is proficient on both the alto saxophone and flute; he has released a striking album entitled The Tide of Love that offers a diverse and engaging musical journey through various genres of the jazz spectrum. In this session, he is accompanied by several superb musicians, including Grammy-nominated Stefon Harris on vibes, along with pianist James Weidman, bassist Gavin Fallow, drummer Lenny Robinson and guitarist Ron Jackson. The group recorded an album of creativity, originality, and emotional impact in this eleven-track outing.

The opening track is “When Sunny Gets Blue.” With a creative mode of expression, Blue offers an interesting take on the number under a cloak of restraint. The following cut is a beautiful Jimmy Rowles original called “The Peacocks.” Performed as a duo with Blue and pianist James Weidman, it harkens back to the initial 1975 release of the song on an album by the composer and tenor saxophonist Stan Getz. Blue’s tone has a beauty all its own, while Weidman shows a crystalline precision of each note.

The title track, “The Tide of Love,” is a Blue original composition, one of several that appear on the release. Taken at a languid tempo, this emotive number has an elliptical sense of phrase with Blue, Harris, Weidman and Jackson playing notes and figures that keep the composition moving forward. Bossa master Antonio Carlos Jobim contributes two pieces to the outing; the first is ” Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar,” followed by “Luiza.” On the former, through overdubbing, Blue is heard on both alto sax and flute to provide an empathetic interplay with Jackson on acoustic guitar. Although subtle, the bossa effect is more pronounced on the latter.

In addition to Blue, both Weidman and Jackson, again on acoustic guitar, are very effective in their solo interventions. The popular standard “That’s All” is covered with Blue, concisely stating the melody with a reflective feel. Weidman’s support is sensitive to the dynamics of the number and enhances Blue’s relaxed inventions. The closing track is “So Many Stars” the well-known bossa nova by Sergio Mendes and Alan & Marilyn Bergman. In this rendition, Blue confirms his ability to navigate and blend this genre to provide an expressive and sentimental side of jazz. The album shows T.K. Blue’s skill, passion, and commitment to musical diversity.” – Pierre Giroux, allaboutjazz.com – (December 15, 2023)

Song Selection:

1. When Sunny Gets Blue Jack Segal, Marvin Fisher 4:46
2. The Peacocks Jimmy Rowles 5:30
3. The Tide of Love (Radio) T.K. Blue 6:42
4. Eu sei que vou te amar Antonio Carlos Jobim 3:26
5. Never Felt This Way Brian McKnight, Brandon Barnes 5:32
6. Luiza Antonio Carlos Jobim 6:35
7. That’s All Alan Brandt, Bob Haymes 5:08
8. A Prayer For Us (Radio) T.K. Blue 5:24
9. A Quiet Place Ralph Carmichael 3:28
10. To Mend A Broken Heart T.K. Blue 4:49
11. So Many Stars (Radio) Sergio Mendez, Alan & Marilyn Bergman 6:36

Produced by: Bob Karcy
Total Time: 58 minutes

T.K. Blue and The Tide of Love:

The Tide Of Love is actually the idea of my close friend, “big brother”, and partner Bob Karcy, CEO of Arkadia Records. Bob has always been a big fan of my ballad playing and suggested that we do something in this idiom. Through his support and guidance, we were able to bring to fruition my first recording of ballads with songs of peace, love, and hope.

I want to extend tremendous gratitude with appreciation to the following individuals: Nothing positive can be accomplished without the grace, love, and support of the Creator; the entire Rhynie clan; Kim Bressant-Kibwe and the entire Bressant clan; TreSean Kahlil Cooks; Monique, Antoine, KayKay, and Livy; all my Trinidadian and Jamaican cousins; Aziz Mitchell-Bey; the entire Vandoren/Dansr family; Willard and Suzan Jenkins; Mike Cherigo; Judith Humenick; Cecil Bridgewater; George “Doc” Manning; R. Andrew Lepley; Carol Boutry; Bob and Yosefa Karcy along with the Arkadia family; and all the amazing artists who contributed their talent>> Ron, James, Lenny, Gavin, and Stefon.

T.K. Blue’s comments on the album:

1) When Sunny Gets Blue is a beautiful song that I’ve played for years. Bob suggested this tune for a BET on Jazz television concert and we decided to include it on this album.

2) The Peacocks, composed by Jimmy Rowles, is such a beautiful composition, with an amazing angular melodic line coupled with a lovely harmonic sequence. I first heard this song on the soundtrack of the movie Round Midnight starring Dexter Gordon. I knew right away this was a composition I wanted to record!

3) The Tide Of Love is an original, composed for this session. Love takes us on many winding roads and paths with a multitude of the ups and the downs. Nothing will be perfect, therefore as long as the positive vibe remains positive and fruitful, love will conquer all!!!

4) Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar is a Tom Jobim classic, also suggested by Bob. Less is more, and there is remarkable beauty in simplicity. Ron really lays down some warm tones with a splendid harmonic movement on the guitar!

5) Never Felt This Way is dedicated to my daughter Monique and her husband Antoine. This was their wedding song. The composer, superstar R&B artist, Brian McKnight, is an incredible composer as well as performer! James Weidman really burns up the keyboard on this take.

6) Luiza, composed by Tom Jobim, is a marvelous tune with a haunting serpentine melody. Bob suggested this one for our project and I strongly agreed afterseeing the music and hearing it on record.

7) That’s All is one from the old jazz standards repertoire. I played this song quite often while residing on the Cote d’Azur in Cannes, France.

8) A Prayer For Us – “Life’s true meaning lies within the visions that we hold inside…Love’s the answer to the hatred and the wars we left behind….Dreaming of a bright tomorrow…Leaving all the pain and sorrow…Giving unconditionally, we are one family….Must end all conflict and try harmony….Blissfully we’ll walk hand in hand… Spreading joy throughout the land…Stars above, guiding light to a dream…So supreme… Oh Lord, won’t you just listen to my plea….A Prayer For Us” This is an original composition for which I also wrote the lyrics.

9) A Quiet Place is a song I first heard on the debut recording of Take 6. They are incredible and I love their complete musicianship and expressive sophistication within their lush harmonic framework. The inner peace of God creates a sanctuary of tranquility!!!

10) To Mend A Broken Heart is an original composition I wrote for this date. I hope this piece inspires all relationships in peril to reconcile and make up.

11) So Many Stars, composed by Sergio Mendez, is one of my very favorite compositions and it has many versions/variations. One of my favorites is by “Sassy” Sarah Vaughan.

About T.K. Blue:

T.K. Blue with his saxophoneHighly esteemed saxophonist flautist, composer and educator, T.K. Blue began his life in music from Long Island, NY. His parents were Jamaican and Trinidadian, and he has used their Afro-Caribbean musical styles in his own work. While attending New York University between1971 and 1975 with a double major in Music and Psychology, Blue threw himself headlong into music, concentrating on the saxophone. He took lessons (as part of the Jazzmobile program) with Jimmy Heath, Frank Foster and Ernie Wilkins, as well as from tenor legend Billy Mitchell. In 1979 Blue received his Masters in Music Education from Columbia University.

A musical leader, with more than a dozen albums in his own name, he has worked with, among others, Don Cherry, Jayne Cortez, the South African pianist Dollar Brand (now Abdullah Ibrahim), singer Jimmy Scott, and NEA Jazz Master Randy Weston, for whom he was musical director for over three decades. After performing and traveling extensively with Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand) from 1977 to 1980,

T.K. moved to Paris in 1981, remaining until 1989. In 1986 he recorded Egyptian Oasis, his first record as a leader, and that sparked a number of State Department tours to some 20 countries in Africa. Going into the new millennium, T.K. aligned himself with Arkadia Records, a new turning point in his blossoming career. Arkadia released two albums entitled Another Blue and Eyes Of The Elders, both of which received stellar reviews. His latest album, The Tide of Love, with guest vibraphonist Stefon Harris, will be released in August 2023.

A newly recorded album entitled “Planet Bluu” is now being mixed and mastered. It features T.K. Blue with the younger generation of Jazz masters: Orion Turre, Davis Whitfield, Dishan Harper, Wallace Roney Jr. plus special guests Steve Turre and Dave Kikoski. It will be release in early 2024.

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