O.C. Smith: How Sweet It Is

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Scatman Crothers: Singer, ukulele, and guitar; Judy Carmichael: Piano; John Heard: Bass; Harold Jones: Drums; Art Hillary: Piano; Larry Nash: Piano; O.C. Smith: Vocals

O.C. Smith’s recording of, “Little Green Apples” won the 1968 Grammy Award for Song of the Year. It not only made him a star, but cemented his place in the world of music.

As seen on TV, this Arkadia DVD, “O.C. Smith: How Sweet It Is”, features the soulful voice of Jazz, Soul, and R&B singer O.C. Smith (1932-2001), and features specials guests Scatman Crothers and pianist Judy Carmichael. He developed his reputation and musical repertoire working as the lead singer for Count Basie, before charting his own course. His first hit, the 1968 song, “Son of Hickory Holler’s Tramp” exploded into the Top 40 in the United States and rose to #2 in the England. His follow-up, a cover version of the Bobby Russell song “Little Green Apples”, which won the 1968 Grammy Award for Song of the Year, not only made him a star, but cemented his place in the world of music.OC Smith holding mic color

He spanned big band jazz, rhythm and blues, and pop and soul music… …when he replaced Joe Williams in the Count Basie Band, his 30-month stint proved to be invaluable…” – The Guardian, UK

The Ad Lib Series, now available on DVD for the first time, is a collection of 46 concert TV programs presenting the best Jazz, Pop and Blues artists showcasing their skills with a Jazz flair. Seen on TV internationally, Ad Lib (filmed in 1980) was the first musical television series recorded in Stereo. Each DVD features 2 episodes of the acclaimed Ad Lib Series.

…his husky bass-baritone voice has lost none of its distinctive appeal…” – Stephan Holden, New York Times

Now incorporating R&B into his repertoire, O.C. Smith’s success continued with hits such as “Daddy’s Little Man”, “Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife” and “Together. His wonderful voice and magnetic personality made Smith one of the premiere artists of the 1970s. Despite his success, Smith retired from music after finding his true calling as a Minister.

When he passed away, O.C. Smith left behind not only a spiritual legacy to his community and church, but also an archive of classic vocal recordings cherished by his admirers around the world. “O.C. Smith: How Sweet It Is”, epitomizes the legacy of the legendary Jazz and R&B vocalist with this smooth, soulful, and celebrated DVD concert performance.


Song Selection:

Show #8:

  1. O.C. Smith: How Sweet It Is
  2. O.C. Smith: People
  3. Scatman Crothers: Mean Dog Blues
  4. Scatman Crothers: Shoes (Some of My Best Friends Are Shoes)
  5. O.C. Smith: I’ve Gotta Be Me
  6. O.C. Smith: See See Rider

Show #18:

  1. O.C. Smith: Watch What Happens
  2. O.C. Smith: How Deep Is The Ocean
  3. Judy Carmichael: Viper’s Drag
  4. O.C. Smith: Please Send Me Someone to Love
  5. O.C. Smith: Stormy Monday

Featuring Musicians:

Scatman Crothers: Singer, ukulele, and guitar
Judy Carmichael: Piano
John Heard: Bass
Harold Jones: Drums
Art Hillary: Piano
Larry Nash: Piano
O.C. Smith: Vocals

DVD Bonus Features:

  • O.C. Smith Biography
  • Scatman Crothers Biography
  • Judy Carmichael Biography
  • Ad Lib Highlights Reel (16 min.)
  • Digitally Mastered Audio and Video
  • Dolby Stereo Audio
  • Instant Access Songs
  • DVD Recommendations

DVD Length: 1 Hour plus, Bonus Features

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