Catalog # 75112

UPC # 602267511222

Minsinguett – vocals

Accompanied by the orchestras of Marcel Pagnoul and Pierre Chagnon

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The flamboyant singer and entertainer Mistinguett, the unrivaled Queen of the French Music-Hall, is immortalized on this 19-song CD entitled Mistinguett: La Vedette. Born in France as Jeanne Bourgeois (1873-1956), and renowned as a singer, dancer, and actress, Mistinguett possessed a magnetic and sensual spirit that seduced and enchanted audiences. How great were her talents for entertainment and how profound her ability to engage an audience is nowhere more evident than in this historic collection of her greatest hits.

Her seductive lure, girlish sensibility, and enviable charm & stage presence made her the toast of Parisian nightlife, performing at famed clubs such as Folies Bergère & Moulin Rouge. Most notorious for her sex appeal (especially her stunning and envied long legs) as well as her signature song, Mon Homme (which was popularized in English as My Man and is now part of Jazz & Pop music’s standard repertoire), Mistinguett became one of the greatest celebrities on earth and the highest paid female in show business. She predominantly popularized the massive headdress costumes that went on to become the standard in “showgirl” performances from Paris to Las Vegas. She is also known for her myriad of untraditional relationships with younger men, most notably another French singer, Maurice Chevalier.

With this digitally remastered album from Arkadia Chansons, entitled Mistinguett: La Vedette, the enticing singer, dancer, showgirl, and icon of French Pop music celebrated in all her glory. Whether performing her famed single, anthems of Parisian pride, or forgotten love songs, Mistinguett is remembered as the archetypal symbol of Parisian glamour.

Song Selection:

1. Mon homme
2. Chantez
3. Sous les becs de gaz
4. Il m’a vu nue
5. C’est vrai
6. Oui, je suis de Paris
7. Ca! C’est Paris
8. Je cherche un millionaire
9. A travers les barreau de l’escalier
10. On m’suit
11. Toute petit
12. Un p’tit boy c’est gentil
13. J’ai des touches
14. Nuits de Paris
15. Mon gangster
16. Je suis nee dans le faubourg St-Denis
17. Avez-vous vu Hubert?
18. Je vous ai reconnu
19. Potpourri sur les airs de la

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