Les accordeons de France (The Accordions of France)

Catalog # 75108
UPC # 602267510829

Accordion performances by:

Gus Viseur, Tony Murena, MIdard Ferrero, Robert Trognee, Henri Moomboisse, Leon Raiter, Albert Carrara, Emile Vacher, Deprince, Emile Garrigoux, Marceau, Fredo Gardoni

Vocal performances by:

Jean Gabin, Rene Presenti, Damia, Annette Lajon, Frehel

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In this beautifully remastered, 18-song, Arkadia Chansons CD collection of instrumental and sung melodies featuring France’s superstars of the accordion era, entitled Les Accordeons de France, the operative word is Joy, the kind of joy that comes from letting oneself go.

The most inveterate of snobs will have a hard time resisting the rhythm of Medard Ferrero’s Les triolets. Robert Trognee’s Le retour des hirondelles is a classic accordionized waltz. Emile Garrigoux gives a rousing performance of the other mainstay of the accordion – the java. Despite the pervasive gaiety, there is also something somewhat plaintive in the sound of the accordion, which no doubt helps explain its popularity among the working classes. The great accordionist, Tony Murena, is heard here playing Le Denichuer and Indifference, two wistful melodies, reminiscent of a sea-side summer at twilight.

All the songs here belong to the heyday of this under-appreciated instrument. Hard as it may be to believe, in Paris in the 1930s, there were more than 300 “bals musette,” or accordion balls, in operation. There, couples forgot their cares, dancing to sounds pumped out by the masters of the soulful and bellowing instrument, until the Parisian sunrise brought them back to reality. This Arkadia Chansons CD, Les Accordeons de France, takes us back in time to musically remember that magical era, proving, try as one might, you simply cannot deny the melodious accordion its rightful place in the grand tradition of French song.


1. La valse des as Gus Viseur 1942
2. Le denicheur Tony Murena 1942
3. Indifference Tony Murena 1941
4. Les triolets Medard Ferrero 1934
5. Perle de cristal Medard Ferrero 1936
6. Quand on s’promene au bord de l’eau Jean Gabin 1936
7. Le retour des hirondelles Robert Trognee 1933
8. Escamillo Henri Momboisse 1929
9. La mome caoutchouc Rene Pesenti 1932
10. On n’a pa tous les jours vingt ans Leon Raiter 1934
11. La guinguette a ferme ses volets Damia 1934
12. La valse du tourbillon Albert Carrara 1931
13. Reine de musette Emile Vacher 1927
14. Gaby Deprince 1941
15. C’est la guinguette Annette Lajon 1936
16. La java des Cezigue Emile Garrigoux 1930
17. Ca gaze Marceau 1930
18. La java bleue Frehel 1939
19. L’entrainante Fredo Gardoni 1930


This beautifully remastered, 19-song collection of instrumental and sung melodies features France’s superstars of the accordion era, and proves the melodious and soulful accordion’s rightful place in the grand tradition of French chanson (song).

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