Latin Nights

Catalog# 72001

UPC# 602267200195

Tito Puente;

Memo Acevedo’s Latin Jazz Quintet;


Ramiro’s Latin Orchestra;

Banda Brava;


Onda Latina;

Dario Domingues;


Hugo Torres;

Romulo Larrea’s Tango Ensemble

Dance to the rhythms, sway to the melodies, and meet Tito Puente, Memo Acevedo and other acclaimed personalities of the Latin music scene in this scintillating DVD filmed performance documentary entitled “Latin Nights”. Celebrating the rich musical traditions and cultures of diverse Latin America countries, this film pays tribute to the accomplished Latin musicians who maintain their cultural identity as they live their individual stories after their Diaspora to Canada. The audio soundtrack is also available here.Tito puente GOOD XX

Through a series of eleven full-length concert performances, as well as rehearsals and interviews with influential artists such as Hagood Hardy, we witness the creative process and the musical results, complemented by a behind-the-scenes look at the reality of the daily lives of this unique group of dedicated musicians spanning Latin American countries such as Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and Ecuador. Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Jazz, Brazilian Bossa Nova and Samba, Tango, Canto Nuevo and indigenous folk music (from the depths of the Andean mountains) all shine brightly in this stylishly filmed documentary, covering the spectrum of Latin American music.

Award-winning Filmmaker Anthony Azzopordi takes us backstage at the nightclubs, coffee houses and concert halls to show the powerful rhythms and the cool, seductive melodies of the music. Now living in North America, the music and the film showcase the hopes, the politics, and the promise of their new life while struggling to maintain the musical tradition and native cultures of their homelands.

Selections Include:

1. Ramiro’s Latin Orchestra Latinada 4:09
2. Cocada Esta Paixao 3:34
3. Banda Brava Hoy Vive el Recuerdo 4:33
4. Dario Domingues 111 Rivers 3:29
5. Fantasia Enamorado 2:54
6. Hugo Torres The Three Lands 3:35
7. Memo Acevedo’s Latin Jazz Quintet Morocco 3:53
8. Nazka Coplas del Cantaclaro 3:48
9. Onda Latina A Mi Que Me Importa 4:38
10. Romulo Larrea’s Tango Ensemblea Preparense 3:08
11. Tito Puente’s Latin Jazz Band
Featuring Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Dave Valentin and Memo Acevedo
El Rey Del Timbal 3:38

DVD Bonus Features:

  • Extensive Information on the Ten Genres of Latin American Music
  • Director’s Biography
  • Digitally Mastered Audio and Video
  • Dolby Digital Stereo Audio
  • Multi-dimensional Interactive Menus
  • Instant Access to Performances
  • Instant Access to Scenes

Length: 78 minutes, plus multiple Bonus Features

About Anthony Azzopardi:

Malta born Anthony Azzopardi graduated from New York University in 1976, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honors. He majored in theater and film direction. Thereafter, he formed his own independent production company, Theatre Impressions, where Azzopardi produced and directed productions wherever he could. After deciding that his real interest was film, he signed on to associate-produce “Surfacing”, a film adaptation of the Margaret Atwood novel. But it wasn’t until 3 films later, in 1984, that Azzoparidi’s career took off when he produced a documentary style biography about Canadian native, symphony conductor, John Kim Bell.

Besides finally achieving critical success, Azzopardi now found himself on the film map. In addition to “Latin Nights”, his works include the critically acclaimed trilogy: “Making Opera”, “Making Ballet and Making Theater”, and “Strindberg and His Women”, all of which have been released internationally by V.I.EW. Video, the sister Company of Arkadia Records.

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