EDITH PIAF: L’accordeoniste

Catalog # 75101
UPC # 602267510126

Edith Piaf: Vocals

Wal-Berg Orchestra; Guy Luypaerts Orchestra;

Paul Durand Orchestra; Claude Normand Orchestra;

Jacques Metehen Orchestra; Jacques Uvergolts Orchestra


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“…this (Arkadia Chansons release) boasts many of the World War II-era pearls that helped make Piaf increasingly famous in the U.S. One needn’t understand what Piaf is saying to realize just how magnificent a voice she had…the material is…perfect.” – Alex Henderson, All-Music Guide – July 1998

Passionate and uncompromising, legendary singer Edith Piaf is the defining voice of 20th century France. This completely remastered Arkadia Chansons album, “Edith Piaf L’accordeoniste”, showcases her full-throated, big-hearted vocal power performing the music that propelled the Grammy winning singer into one of the world’s most famous personalities. Her tiny frame could scarcely contain her giant heart which made her, in the eyes of all who knew her, a genuine force of nature.Edith Piaf dramatic hands in front of face

Born in 1915, Edith Piaf was very ill as a child, even going blind for 4 years after an attack of meningitis. By 1930, she was discovered by club owner Louis Leplee, who bestowed Piaf with the nickname La Môme Piaf (The little sparrow or waif sparrow). With Leplee’s help, she began singing in Parisian clubs, impressing audiences with the commanding vocals that became the hallmark of her storied career. She soon was headlining European festivals, starring in movies, and recording hit albums. She became equally adored by American audiences, performing regularly in New York. Furthermore, she also became known for her relationship struggles, which included celebrities such as boxer Marcel Cerdan, Jacque Pills, and Yves Montand. In 2007, she was immortalized for the next generation in the Academy Award winning film titled after the name of her signature song, La Vie en Rose.

From the street corners of Paris’ Pigalle district, to the bright lights of New York, Edith Piaf’s iconic life and unparalleled voice touch the hearts and souls of audiences around the world. This painstakingly remastered CD, entitled “Edith Piaf L’accordeoniste”, is a fitting retrospective of life and music of Edith Piaf. From fame and fortune to sorrow and controversy, Edith Piaf remains one of the most beloved French musicians in history.

Song Selection:

  1. L’accordeoniste – 3:10
  2. Y a pas d’printemps – 2:35
  3. Escale – 3:21
  4. De l’autre cote de la rue – 3:20
  5. Tu es partout – 2:46
  6. Le disque use – 4:03
  7. Le brun et le blond – 3:05
  8. Histoire de coeur – 4:43
  9. Un monsieur me suit dans la rue – 4:44
  10. C’est toujours la meme histoire – 4:10
  11. Le chasseur de l’hotel – 3:35
  12. Les deux rengaines – 3:21
  13. J’ai danse avec l’amour – 3:14
  14. Coup de grisou – 3:14
  15. C’etait jour de fete – 3:15
  16. C’est un monsieur tres distingue – 3:52
  17. Simple comme bonjour – 2:55
  18. J’ai qu’a l’regarder – 3:10

Edith Piaf: Vocals
Wal-Berg Orchestra: 1
Guy Luypaerts Orchestra: 2-4; 9-13
Paul Durand Orchestra: 5-7; 18
Claude Normand Orchestra: 8
Jacques Metehen Orchestra: 14-16
Jacques Uvergolts Orchestra: 17

Remastered by: Gene Paul and Bob Karcy
Total Time: Approx 66 minutes

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