JEAN GABIN: Ma Musique

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Jena Gabin– vocals



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Jean Gabin (1904-1976) was one of the most iconic and enduring figures in French cinema. Born Jean-Alexis Moncorgé in Paris, he began his career in the entertainment industry as a singer and comedian in music halls before transitioning to film in the 1930s. Known for his rugged looks and striking on-screen presence, Gabin became a symbol of the quintessential French everyman.

Gabin rose to prominence in the French film industry with his roles in classics such as “La Bête Humaine” (1938) and “Le Quai des Brumes” (1938), where he established his persona as a tough yet sympathetic hero. His collaborations with director Julien Duvivier and renowned poet and screenwriter Jacques Prévert were particularly acclaimed.

His career was briefly interrupted by World War II, during which he served in the Free French Forces. After the war, Gabin struggled to reestablish his career, but by the 1950s, he had successfully transitioned into character roles. His performances in films like “Touchez Pas au Grisbi” (1954) and “French Cancan” (1955) demonstrated his ability to portray a range of complex characters.

Gabin’s enduring impact on French cinema is reflected in his numerous awards and recognitions, including an honorary César in 1976. His career spanned over four decades and more than 90 films, establishing him as a cornerstone of French cinematic history. Gabin passed away in 1976, leaving behind a timeless legacy in world cinema.

1. Quand on s’promène au bord de l’eau
2 .Qu’est-ce que tu dis d’ça?
3. La chanson des mariniers
4. La môme caoutchouc
5. Viens Fifine
6. Avec ma petite gueule
7. Léo, Léa, Elie
8. Ingénuement,  naïvement
9. C’est moi le mari
10. Quand on a ça
11. C’est chouette d’être un monsieur
12. Je ne dis pas non
13. C’est un petit rien
14. On me suit

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