JOSEPHINE BAKER: J’ai deux amours

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Josephine Baker: Vocals

Accompanied by the orchestras of: Edmond Mahieux; Alain Romans; Wal-Berg; John Ellsworth; Josephine Baker

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Chanteuse, Cabaret Star, and Cause Celebre Josephine Baker is paid homage with this exhilarating collection of 18 of her classic songs and stirring music. Remastered from original recordings, this Arkadia Chansons album, “Josephine Baker: J’ai Deux Amours”, showcases the alluring, seductive, and individual sound that captivated Paris and flaunts Josephine Baker in all her glory.

Josephine Baker is idolized around the globe for her amazing voice, risqué performances, sexual appeal, philanthropic efforts, and societal involvement. This CD, “Josephine Baker: J’ai Deux Amours”, immortalizes both the singer and her enticing music.josephine baker 1906 1975 lying on a tiger rug in a silk evening gown and diamond earrings photo by hulton archivegetty images

About Josephine Baker:

Born in St. Louis, Baker worked as a maid before she began dancing for tips on the streets. She was recruited for the St. Louis Chorus vaudeville show, before joining the Dixie Steppers Vaudeville troupe, which took her to New York City, where she soon rose to minor local stardom. She moved to Paris, still in her teens, and began performing shows that combined singing, dancing, and comedy into a sensual, erotic, and highly impressive act that captivated Parisian audiences. She became a legendary symbol of the American in Paris, those artists and intellectuals who flocked to France during the Jazz Age, becoming a muse for notable celebrities such as Langston Hughes, Ernest Hemingway, Christian Dior, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Pablo Picasso.00055 Josephine Baker clown stance GOOD

A woman of many nicknames (the Bronze Venus, the Black Pearl, the Créole Goddess, La Baker, and she was often referred to as the Most Beautiful of Panthers), Josephine Baker was an important cultural figure as well. Besides lending her support to the American Civil Rights movement and speaking at the famous March on Washington (she was the only woman to speak), she was the first female black performer to star in a major feature film and to perform for an integrated audience in the United States. Her participation in the French resistance during WWII earned her the honor of being the first American woman to ever receive France’s Croix de Guerre, the country’s highest Military honor, and General Charles de Gaulle made her a Chevalier of the Légion d’Honneur.

Song Selection:

1. J’ai deux amours Scotto, Koger, and Varna 1931 3:10
2. Dis moi Josephine Bela, Lelievre, Varna, and Marc Cab 1931 3:05
3. Si j’étais blanche Falk, Varna, and Lelievre 1933 2:40
4. Ram-pam-pam (with Pils and Tabet) A. de Vita and J. Tranchant 1933 2:40
5. C’est lui Van Parys and Berstein 1933 2:55
6. Haiti Scotto, Kroger, and Audiffred 1935 3:15
7. Sous le ciel d’Afrique A de Badet and Dallin 1934 5:15
8. Espabilate Rianacho-Grenet 1933 2:45
9. La petite tonkinoise Scotto, Christine, and Villard 1931 2:40
10. Pretty little baby J. Baker and Bernie 1931 3:00
11. Suppose! J. Demon and Billy Dixon 1931 3:20
12. Sans amour A. Farel and Borel Clerc 1932 3:20
13. Doudou Pipon, Hermitte, and Pothier 1936 3:10
14. Partir sur un bateau tout blanc M. Hermitte, Rose, and Larrieu 1935 3:10
15. Nuit d’Alger Larrieu and M. Hermitte 1936 2:50
16. La conga blicoti Orefiche and A. de Badet 1936 2:20
17. Vous faites partie de moi Cole Porter, Henneve, and Palez 1937 3:05
18. J’ai paur de rêver Gordon, Revil, and Barios 1936 2:45

The entire album has been digitally remastered

Josephine Baker: Vocals

Accompanied by the orchestras of:
Edmond Mahieux
Alain Romans
John Ellsworth
Josephine Baker

Total time: 57 minutes

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