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John Clark: French horn; Stanton Davis: Trumpet; Bruce Ditmas: Drums; Alex Foster: Sax; Ryo Kawasaki: Guitar; Pete Levin: Keyboard; Mike Richmond: Bass; Dave Taylor: Trombone and bass trombone; Trevor Clark: Sitar; Chris Hunter: Flute and alto sax; Howard Johnson : Bass clarinet; Bob Stewart: Tuba

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On this Postcards Records album, “John Clark: I Will”, John Clark demonstrates loudly, clearly, and beautifully why he is not only a brilliant Jazz composer, improviser, and orchestrator, but the first-choice French horn player of such legendary musicians as Gil Evans, Billy Joel, B. B. King, McCoy Tyner, Sting, and countless others. The music encompasses orchestral quintet arrangements and smaller group interplay. As always, John Clark’s musical genius shines though, provoking personal introspection amongst listeners and critics lost in the depth of his signature manner.

4 Stars. …command of a forbidding instrument that speaks a solo language rarely heard in jazz… [Clark] sets ambitious goals… He showcases his gifts as soloist, composer, orchestrator, and instigator… He sets every stage and his solos are revelatory.” – Down Beat Magazine

Clark has conjured up a mercurial, exciting set. The CD runs the gamut musically – from the ravishing, leisurely title track. …to a feisty take on Sonny Rollins’ “Airegin” and a deeply soulful “My One and Only Love”” – Jazziz Magazine

The music on the album varies from the hard-driving rendition of John Coltrane’s “India” and the humor of “Bad Attitude”, which shows off Clark’s profound rhythmic and harmonic soul, to passionate ballads like the title track, “I Will”.  With this CD release from the Postcards label, entitled “John Clark: I Will” the French Horn Jazz maestro showcases his intuitive and visceral soloing, as well as his eclectic taste and harmonious gifts as a player, leader, and composer of a music happily unrestrained by stylistic definition.

Critic’s Choice “This newest set from progressive jazzman John Clark reaffirms his distinctive and engaging talent and not just in [the] somewhat narrow filed of jazz French horn players.” – Billboard

Song Selection:

  1. India (John Coltrane) – 7:21
  2. 96th Street Sonata:
    2. Casilda – 4:40
    3. Mellow Max – 1:53
    4. King Bert – 3:43
  3. My One and Only Love – 6:54
  4. Bad Attitude – 7:15
  5. Now You Start – 3:14
  6. Airegin – 3:03
  7. I Will – 11:05
  8. Sister E.M.C. – 5:07

All compositions by: John Clark

John Clark: French horn
Trevor Clark: Sitar (1)
Stanton Davis: Trumpet (1, 6, 7, and 9)
Bruce Ditmas: Drums (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9)
Alex Foster: Sax 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 9)
Chris Hunter: Flute and alto sax (1 and 9)
Howard Johnson : Bass clarinet (1 and 9)
Ryo Kawasaki: Guitar (1, 5, 6, and 9)
Pete Levin: Keyboard (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 10)
Mike Richmond: Bass
Bob Stewart: Tuba (8)
Dave Taylor: Trombone and bass trombone (1, 6, 7, and 9)

Produced by: Ralph Simon
Executive Prodcuer: Sibyl R. Golden
Total Time: 54:15 minutes

What the Critics Say:

John Clark.. shows here his mastery of the horn in settings inventive and varied… rich sounds… The high luster on these recordings is far more than just an illusion of depth.” – JazzTimes Magazine

“On his fourth album as a leader, French horn player John Clark showcases his talents as a composer and arranger for a rotating ensemble of up to eleven musicians, including Alex Foster on saxophone, Ryo Kawasaki on guitar, and Howard Johnson on bass clarinet. The eclectic lineup works its way through five Clark originals and three standards, including a rousing large group take on John Coltrane’s “India”, which opens, appropriately enough, with a sitar. Clark’s compositions range from freely improvised duos and trios to more intricately orchestrated pieces for larger groups. The ensemble playing throughout the album is always interesting and frequently inspired.” – Joel Roberts, AllMusic