EDITH PIAF: Une Legende

Catalog # 75117
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Edith Piaf – vocals

Accompanied by Les Freres Midinger, Accordeonistes Medinger, Johnny Uvergolts Orchestra,  Walter Joseph; Piano, Orchestra Medinger, Orchestra Metehen, Orchestra Jacques Metehen
Cl Normand Orchestra,


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Edith Piaf (1915-1963) was a French singer and actress whose interpretation of the chanson, or French ballad, made her internationally famous.

Piaf’s songs and singing style seemed to reflect the tragedies of her own difficult life. She was abandoned at birth by her mother, and was primarily raised by her grandmother. Piaf started singing at an early age with her father, a circus acrobat, and accompanied him while he performed. She sang in the streets of Paris, earning a meagre living while often in the company of petty criminals.

By 1930, Edith Piaf was discovered by club owner Louis Leplee, who bestowed Piaf with the nickname La Môme Piaf (The little sparrow or waif sparrow). With Leplee’s help, she began singing in Parisian clubs, impressing audiences with the commanding vocals that became the hallmark of her storied career. She soon was headlining European festivals, starring in movies, and recording hit albums.  She became equally adored by American audiences, performing regularly in New York. Furthermore, she also became known for her dramatic relationships, which included celebrities such as boxer Marcel Cerdan, Jacque Pills, and Yves Montand. In 2007, she was immortalized for the next generation in the Academy Award winning film La Vie en Rose, titled after the name of her signature song.

The Sparrow’s’ raw and emotionally provocative voice made her a legend in her native France, as well as with audiences around the world. Her expressive soul used song to unleash her dark passion, sincere purity, and wistful romanticism unto the world, making her the undeniable symbol of the French spirit in the 20th Century. With this digitally remastered Arkadia Chansons album Une Legende the fame, tragedy, controversy, and music of Edith Piaf are commemorated forever.

Si tu partais

The song talks of a heartbreak that could ensues when love dies. The storyteller praises the love she shares with her partner, a deep bond that brings her amazing happiness. She then imagines what would happen if the lover would leave her, and the pain that it would bring. Piaf’s performance is full of drama, power, and passion that she was renowned for.

Un coin tout bleu

The lyrics for this moving song were written by Edith Piaf herself. Piaf performed the song in a 1941 film “Montmartre sur Seine”, where she starred as a main character, playing a part of a musician who rises to stardom as a cabaret singer. As most of Piaf’s songs, “Un coin tout bleu” (“An all-blue corner”) is about passion, beauty, and romance.

Regarde moi toujours comme ça

“Regarde moi toujours comme ça” (“Always look at me like that”) was written in 1944. The song celebrates the power of romance, and the passion between two lovers, when they look into each other’s eyes.

Song Selections

1. Si tu partais
2. Mon amant de la coloniale
3. J’suis mordue
4. Un coin tout bleu
5. Hymne à l’amour
6. La petite boutique
7. L’étranger
8. Va danser
9. Paris-méditerranée
10. Sur une colline
11. Le vagabond
12. Monsieur Lenoble
13. Regarde moi toujours comme ça

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