Dianne Reeves: The Early Years

Catalog# 72031

UPC# 602267203196

Dianne Reeves, vocals;

Billy Childs, piano;

Snooky Young, saxophone;

Count Basie and His Orchestra;

Helen Humes, Vocals

Like Sarah Vaughan, she has the resources of an opera singer who has chosen jazz. Her voice is clear and robust; it is an instrument that celebrates itself through its sheer power… one of the greatest living jazz singers” – Stephen Holden, New York Times

Jazz singer Dianne Reeves is one of the preeminent Jazz vocalists alive today. Carrying the legendary torch of Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan, Dianne Reeves embodies the long Jazz tradition while remaining distinctive and original. In this classic Arkadia DVD, “Dianne Reeves: The Early Years” from the acclaimed Ad Lib TV Series, the Jazz icon showcases her intoxicating voice, which captured the hearts of audiences around the world and won her numerous accolades, including 5 Grammy Awards wins and 9 Grammy Nominations. Both inside and out of the Jazz world, Reeves is in the most elite category of vocalists.

The Ad Lib Series, now available on Arkadia DVD for the first time, is a collection of 46 concert TV programs presenting the best Jazz, Pop, and Blues artists showcasing their skills in the Jazz and Blues arena. Seen on TV internationally, Ad Lib (filmed in 1980) was the first musical television series recorded in Stereo. Each DVD features 2 episodes of the acclaimed Ad Lib Series.

Reeves can wrap her voice around a melody like few other current jazz singers, hitting the high notes, the low notes, and everything in between as she caresses every phrase with palpable warmth and joy.” – Billboard Magazine

A Jazz icon in every sense of the word, Reeves is a fearless singer, unafraid to break the mold by experimenting outside her genre. Her expansive range, precise pitch, rhythmic and instinctual timing, and powerful yet graceful style have created an intoxicating sound for the singer who enchants and fascinates everyone lucky enough to hear her beautiful voice. With this historic Arkadia DVD, “Dianne Reeves: The Early Years”, which features guests Billy Childs and Snooky Young, as well as a classic performance from Count Basie and Helen Humes, we witness the birth of a future star and genuine musical icon.


Song Selection:

Show #38:

  1. Dianne Reeves: Love for Sale
  2. Dianne Reeves: I’ll Understand
  3. Dianne Reeves: Answer Me
  4. Billy Childs and A Fine Madness: The Homes
  5. Dianne Reeves: Welcome to My Love

Show #5:

  1. Snooky Young: Lady Be Good
  2. Dianne Reeves: On A Clear Day
  3. Dianne Reeves: Everything Must Change
  4. Count Basie and Helen Humes: I Cried For You
  5. Dianne Reeves and Snooky Young: St. Louis Blues

DVD Bonus Features:

  • Dianne Reeves Biography
  • Ad Lib Highlights Reel (16 min.)
  • Digitally Mastered Audio and Video
  • Dolby Stereo Audio
  • Instant Access Songs
  • DVD Recommendations

DVD Length: 1 Hour Plus Bonus Features

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