Cobham Meets Bellson (with Billy Cobham & Louis Bellson)

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Billy Cobham

Watch all-star Jazz drummers Billy Cobham and Louie Bellson have an intimate conversation using only their drumsticks, in this concert DVD recorded live from Switzerland. The Louie Bellson Big Band plays swinging melodic riffs while the two percussion legends take center stage, facing off in virtuosity, using every tone from whispering to fortissimo. This explosive DVD Drum Battle is a continuous flow of energy and rhythmic bravado that showcases two of the world’s greatest drummers, and their inimitable sound that is sure to provoke hypnotic, contagious movements and keep your feet tapping all night long.

Billy Cobham is a true drumming superstar. His credits include performances on over 300 albums from music icons such as Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, and George Benson. His own bands, Dreams and Glass Menagerie, and his groundbreaking work with John McLaughlin in the Mahuvishna Orchestra, have become massively influential and secured Cobham’s place as one of the true innovators in music. You cannot pin a musical label on Billy Cobham. He plays it all; Jazz, Rock n’ Roll, Swing, Fusion, and Latin. The multidimensional Billy Cobham is an instinctual fusionist whose name is synonymous with rhythm.

Whether swinging with a Big Band or playing with a small, intimate quartet, Louis Bellson’s impeccable timing, compositional skills, innovative spirit, and propensity towards vibrant soloing have made him one of the Jazz world’s top drummers, alongside the legendary Buddy Rich. Remembered for playing in the Big Bands of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and Benny Goodman, his role as musical director for his wife Pearl Bailey, and his recordings with Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Art Tatum, and Oscar Peterson, Louis Bellson played a major role in Jazz’s rise to prominence and maintaining America’s Jazz tradition.

“…has to be seen to be believed. Cobham is a powerhouse… …Bellson brought me to the edge of my seat!“- JazzTimes



–  Billy Cobham Biography

–  Louie Bellson Biography

–  Bonus Video Clip from Louie Bellson & His Big Band

–  Instant Access to Songs & Solos

–  Dolby Digital Stereo Audio

–  Digitally Mastered Audio & Video

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(37 minutes, plus multiple bonus features)

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