Jazz Secrets – 10 Tips on How To Listen To Jazz

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Jazz Secrets

Arkadia Records is rolling out a new project but shhh- it’s a secret. A Jazz Secret, that is. Jazz Secrets is a comprehensive educational initiative, a multi-media project that demystifies and illuminates Jazz. Through interactive guides, videos, articles, Albums, and Playlists Jazz Secrets reveals the secrets of Jazz, and presents the genre in a whole new light. Intrigued?

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Bob Karcy, Arkadia Records Founder and President

The project is a brain child or Arkadia’s founder, Bob Karcy, who is a lifelong music lover, musician, and entrepreneur. He has produced over 100 albums and received four Grammy Award nominations.

We’re starting by providing a little sampling of what’s to come.

If you’re here, it’s likely because you’re interested in Jazz. Maybe you feel you’ve never understood Jazz and want to learn more, or perhaps you’re an aspiring musician or a “jazz junkie” like Bob, and you want to dig deeper to experience the music to its fullest.

You came to the right place. We’ll share many insights and tips on how to listen better. Our hope is that this will be the starting point to help you distinguish great Jazz from good Jazz.

The more we listen and learn about music, Jazz in particular, the more we can asses what we hear. Listening is a skill and an art. You can become a virtuoso listener. Gaining this knowledge deepens our understanding, enhances our enjoyment, and enriches our lives.

How to listen to Jazz: 10 Tips

This Guide is the first step in our Jazz Secrets project. It’s complimented by Arkadia Short Cuts – short segments edited from the original recording of a jazz song. It is a concept that zooms into the heart of each song and focuses on key musical moments that highlight the unique elements of an individual recording, resulting in a more fulfilling musical experience. It adds clarity and helps demystify Jazz.

Guide graphicCheck out the Guide Now: How to listen to jazz: 10 Tips

Enjoy the Guide and let us know what you think about it.

Next up – Arkadia Short Cuts. Stay tuned!

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